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If you have a design in mind, I would love to help you take it from concept to creation. I believe that jewellery is a reflection of an individuals personality so through creating jewellery that is tailored by you to your own style, this belief is taken one step further. The majority of bespoke pieces that I do are modelled on computer software, where the design can be adapted until it is exactly right for you. This allows for more complex ideas to be produced fairly quickly and with as little waste as possible compared to more traditional techniques. Feel free to enquire if there is something you feel I could help you with or with any questions you might have.

Pieces are first modelled and rendered on a computer software programme known as Rhino based on your ideas and drawings. This produces photo-realistic images and once you are happy with the design the piece is then 3-D printed in a cast-able wax and cast into your choice of precious metal. The choice of metals includes silver, gold: 9ct, 14ct, 18ct and 22ct yellow, white and red, Fairtrade gold 18ct yellow and white, platinum or palladium. When it comes to gemstones, precious-gems and diamonds, the choice is yours, but I am able to get most varieties in and can help you decide what is best for your design. Below is a list of various gem types to help you find what is right for you.

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It is also possible to have pieces laser engraved. This form of engraving takes a 2-D line drawing and etches it into the surface of a precious metal piece. This process works best on flat surfaces such as sheet metal, or rings, but may work on slightly curved surfaces that would be engraved from the top. This is a good way of adding a personal touch onto an existing piece of jewellery or it could be incorporated into a new piece. Below is an example of a piece that I have designed and had laser engraving applied to. As you can see from the piece below, the level of detail is quite high for a ring that is only 6mm wide.