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Emma Boshoff is a British South African jewellery designer/maker who is currently based in the UK. Her collections draw on patterns as well as forms found in nature and how these can be abstracted to influence her designs. She uses both traditional jewellery techniques as well as new technology to create contemporary pieces. Emma is also a qualified Gemmologist (FGA) and freelance CAD designer. She studied at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham (2016-2019). Emma provides a bespoke jewellery service tailored to the customers wishes, this includes hand-made commissions as well as those modelled on computer software.

She believes in understanding every aspect of a piece of jewellery from start to finish and applies this to her design process. She hopes to find further ways to promote sustainable sourcing of materials in her jewellery pieces and through her business in the future.

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Words that influence Emma’s design.